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Plastic extrusion welders-Hand Extruders are exported in batches to UAE

Plastic extrusion welders-Hand Extruders are exported in batches to UAE.

-New relationship with Middle East on the  the Belt and Road Initiatives 

The Belt and Road Initiatives is the great view first founded by President Xi Jinping. It's line include many countries, UAE is the important one one the way.

the Belt and Road Initiatives

Recent years, Fusion-Plastech company building widely cooperation with middle east countries. She supports plastic pipe extrusion lines to help with the sewage pipe system construction and geo-membrane film extrusion lines to help with the water holding.


At the December of 2018, Fusion-Plastech exported 30 sets of hand extruder and automatic welding machine to UAE. It will be used on geo-membrane film welding and sea farm welding.


What makes customer chose fusion-plastech welding machine?  Cause its design is not only pleasing to the eye. The Fusion-plastech hand extruder lies well in the hand and becomes an partner. 


Manufactured in China, but drive drill from Metabo Germany or Hitach Japan, and hot air blower from leister Switzerland, the devices succeed due to their unique structure, their satisfied quality and the high productivity.


For more information on Fusion-Plastech Hand Extruder, pls click www.fusion-plastech.com. Cell/Whatsapp: +86 18661986585, Email: [email protected].

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