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Where is the hand extruder used for welding?

A hand extrusion welder mainly composed of heating system, driving system and feeding system.

Look at the structure drawing of below pics.

hand extruder

You will find here has two heating system, one is hot air blower, other is the electric heater part.

In daily working and construction, the hand extruder use hot air to heat the surface of the material, then it will bring us with good joint performance. If you dont heat the welded material, there maybe have layering in the further time, the strength of welding also is worse at all.

plastic welding gun

welding shoes

Usually here has 3 types of welding shoes for different requirements. Also you could hold a blank welding shoes, just make the shape you want.

Let's check where the hand extruder could be used.

hand welding extruders

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