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Qingdao Fusion Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional export-oriented high-tech enterprise which specializes in the research and development, production, sales and service of plastic extrusion equipment and pipe fittings. It has more than 10 years of experience, established in 2003. 

The company has a variety of professional and technical personnel at home and abroad, technology research and development areas covering high-molecular polymer, plastic molding process, plastic processing equipment and technology transformation, the company's business mainly for overseas markets.

The company's main products plastic pipe interface materials and plastic extrusion equipment, plastic equipment, including: Heat shrinkable sleeves production line, PPR pipe production line, PERT pipe production line, double wall corrugated pipe production line, hollow wall winding pipe production line, continuous FRP pipe production line , HDPE solid wall tube production line, plastic sheet production line, XPS foam board production line, etc .; make up materials tools include: heat shrinkable sleeves, EF Bands, plastic extrusion welding machine/Hand Extruder, electro fusion welder, Adhesive wrapped tape, waterproof cap, butt welding machine.

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