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Heat Shrinkable Sleeves Export to Turkey

Heat Shrinkable Sleeves Export to Turkey

Great news keep on going. Heat Shrinkable Sleeves Export to Turkey on Dec, 20th. This is part of the whole order quantity, the total quantity is 60 Tons. 

heat shrinkable sleeve

This kind of heat shrinkable sleeves specilized designed for steel pipe. Its formular with great performance on Peel strength. Pure materials are adopted, all process quality control ensure the good final quality. This is the way to success.

heat shrinkable sleeves

Look at the products, it is very good showing what we had done in daily working. Our target is not only made in China walk to the world, but also Made in Heart.

heat shrink sleeve

For more information on Fusion-Plastech heat shrinkable sleeves , pls click here.  Cell/Whatsapp: +86 18661986585, Email: sales@fusion-plastech.com.

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