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What is the Pre-insulated piping systems/Insulated Pipelines?

Thermal distribution systems are an efficient and effective way to distribute energy for heating, cooling and process loads. In use for many years, these systems have proven to be efficient, long lasting and environmentally safe. Energy sources used with thermal distribution systems include cogeneration plants, geothermal wells, refuse incineration and waste heat from electric power generation. These thermal distribution systems range from chilled water, to hot water to high temperature steam systems. The high temperature systems are pipe in pipe systems with an air space to make them drainable, dryable and air testable. The chilled and hot water systems are jacketed polyurethane foam systems with plastic or metallic pipes depending on temperature and customer choice.

pre-insulated pipe

Pre insulated piping system are in wide use for transferring steam by direct buried piping network for District Heating Networks in cold counties and areas. Such as Russia, Canda, Switzland, North of China, etc.

Also the insulated pipe system could used on oil and gas transportation. Such as below ground pipelines, above ground pipelines, offshore deepwater pipelines, etc. All above pipelines are adopt technology of thermal pre-insulated pipe.

So important the pipe is to human life and energy industrial. The outside protect pipe become important parts of it, it is the first layer. How to produce a high quality hdpe shell or thin wall pipe? What kind of machine could do this job? Please click here to check.

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