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Russia customized thermal insulated pipe sheath extrusion line coming soon

Thermal insulated pipe sheath extrusion line designed by Fusion-Plastech. The line is an integration design composed by extruder, vacuum calibration tank, spray cooling, haul-off, cutter and stacker. 

This whole line for thermal insulated pipe sheath making. It is customized by Russia Company, It will be installed at Moscow. This company mainly business inculdes oil and gas transportation, district heating pipeline system, etc.

vacuum spray cooling tank

The buyer need this pipe machine very urgently, Fusion-Plastech push all other orders to ensure the delivery time within 60days, usually this model of machine need 90-110days.


Also this extrusion line adopted new technology and design, Structural optimization completed. The line many parts adpot seperated structure to make the machine delivery easier.

plastic machinery

The thermal insulated pipe sheath making machine will be tested at the end of Dec. Welcome to contact with us to take a visit.

For more information on Fusion-Plastech plastic sheets extrusion line, pls click www.fusion-plastech.com. Cell/Whatsapp: +86 18661986585, Email: sales@fusion-plastech.com.

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