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Congratulations on plastic welding rods extrusion line exporting to Ukraine

plastic welding rods extrusion line

In such a cold weather, we have hot news about Fusion-Plastech extrusion line export. The second extruder machine for plastic welding rods have been shipped to Ukraine.

This composed by the below equipments:

1.Vacuum feeding system


3.Die mould

4.Calibration device

5.Cooling tank


7.Double wheel automatic coiler

single screw extruder

Why the buyer always chose FUSION-PLASTECH as their machine supplier? Cheap price? No, here has cheaper lines. Beautiful factory? No, Park is much more beauty. We only showing our real and honest, the real products, the real pictures, the real price and the honest service.

extrusion line package

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For more information on Fusion-Plastech plastic sheets extrusion line, pls click www.fusion-plastech.com. Cell/Whatsapp: +86 18661986585, Email: sales@fusion-plastech.com.

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